Effort Certification

As a recipient of federal funds for sponsored projects, Emory is accountable for the amount of time committed to work on sponsored projects. This committed time is generally referred to as effort. Effort reporting is the strategy to confirm that effort promised on a sponsored project has actually been delivered.

Emory certifies effort for all employees on a semi-annual basis (September-February & March-August). Once forms are created in the effort system (ERS), they should be certified within 90 days of the end of the effort period. For tracking and certifying effort, Emory uses a web-based system called ERS. Effort certification forms are reviewed and certified within ERS and reporting is then available from the system.

For help, please send an email to effort.help@emory.edu

Please refer to the video below to understand the importance of certifying effort.

The Importance of Certifying Effort