We developed a comprehensive communication plan to promote awareness of the initiative, including:

  1. Meetings: (Develop a space to have written communications centralized)

    • Kickoff meeting with major stakeholders
    • Provide updates at Sr. Staff Meetings
    • Provide status updates at the ORA Town Hall and End of the Year Celebrations
    • Partner with stakeholder groups to communicate the program
    • Disseminate information and updates through departmental staff meetings (we can attend their staff meetings)
    • Inform new employees in the new employee orientation and onboarding
  2. Written Communications (Develop a space to have written communications centralized)

    • All ORA Staff Listserv – Prior to launch, after launch, periodically
    • Listserv to managers - announcements of program details
    • Provide status updates by email to ORA staff
    • Make announcements about the program in the ORA's website
    • Designate a centralized location for OneORA in ORA's website
    • Publish articles and status updates in the Research Administration newsletter
  3. Other:

    • Informational webinar for ORA departments interested in learning about the program