Service Centers

Service centers are departments or functional units which perform specific technical or administrative services for the benefit of other units within a reporting unit. These include specialized service facilities and recharge centers and are basically a business operating within the University at break-even.

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Service center activities must be cost-based and supported by annual budget plans. Since most service centers bill federal grants for their services, the affiliated costs and rates are governed by federal regulations. Therefore, departments or functional units are required to submit rate proposals to the Controller's Office's Cost Accounting group for approval. Upon completion of this process, the rates become effective and can be charged for the provided services.

The approval duration for service center rate proposals is two years, meaning they should be submitted prior to their rate expiration date to avoid being out of compliance. This also offers enough time for rates to be published for all users and for new rates to be effective at the beginning of the calendar/fiscal year. For more information, click on the links within the subcategories below:


Please contact the Cost Studies team if you have any questions or need additional assistance

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Executive Director

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Sr. Costing Analyst