The Office of Research Administration (ORA) leads by example engaging and supporting Emory University's strategic framework of One Emory: Engaged for Impact by optimizing and centralizing the management of ORA's Human Capital with regards to workforce acquisition, management and optimization.

OneORA is a comprehensive initiative to centralize and optimize our processes to acquire, develop, engage and retain ORA's talent, in support of Emory's strategic framework. OneORA consist of 12 integrated functions and activities, which we refer to as projects.

OneORA supports Emory's strategic framework of One Emory: Engaged for Impact.

OneORA provides an innovative and efficient structure that leads to professional growth, satisfaction and long-term career goals for ORA employees.


  1. To lead by example, applying innovation and continuous improvement to the way we hire, retain, engage and offer mobility to our staff.
  2. To develop processes that recognize the need for speed
  3. To centralize onboarding, career development and mobility


Each project follows project management approach until it can be incorporated into ORA processes managed by the regular cycles of process improvement through periodic reviews.